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Passionate scientists from Finland

Nordic Hug is an innovator from Finland with a mission to bring the most reliable and effective to use cleaners for smartphones, tablets, computers, medical equipment and other sensitive electronics. Scientists from Helsinki and Turku came together to create the most advanced disinfection formula for sensitive screens and today it became the professional choice in healthcare, aerospace, schools and offices.

Bringing cleaning and disinfection up to modern standards

Nordic Hug’s goal is to bring cleaning and disinfection up to 21st century standards. Instead of developing harsh chemicals that are harmful for the people and the environment, our scientists are putting all their efforts into understanding nature and how it fights harmful bacteria.

Harnessing the power of Arctic nature

Nordic Hug has developed an innovative, natural based formula which is highly effective against bacteria. Arctic Berry Formula contains Arctic cloudberry, a rare plant which grows in the Arctic and has wonderful natural antimicrobial compounds.

Our Values


Hygiene is health. But only when it’s done properly! We strive to provide technology hygiene solutions without using harsh chemicals and other compounds which are harmful to our health


Backed by science, the innovative spirit is a vital part of Nordic Hug’s identity.

While our team of scientists concentrate on developing unique and efficient disinfection solutions, our designers and product developers are dedicated to innovating around consumer needs and the practicality of the products we develop


Nature is at the core of our products. Our formulas are natural based, and we refuse to use alcohol or harmful chemicals. As much as we value the health of people, the health of the environment is also important to us. Together with our producers and packaging design team we strive to reduce the use of raw materials and non-recyclable resources

Work With Us

Nordic Hug’s success is a result of an incredibly talented, diverse, and spirited team passionate to build products that impact the lives of people around the world. Nordic Hug empowers people to fulfill their personal and professional goals. We’re doing this by building a 100 year company on a foundation of incredible innovation and research. We’re just getting started!

Join our team

We are more than just a hygiene company. Creativity and innovation continue to drive us forward in our belief that we bring the hygiene to the 21st century standards. Tell us about yourself and how you think you could contribute. Bring passion and dedication to your job: Contact us!

Retailers and Distributors

If you are a retailer or a distributor seeking to partner with Nordic Hug, please feel free to contact us. Our distribution and retailer list continues to grow as Nordic Hug and our product line expand. We our proud to partner with a variety of different retailers and online stores including Apple Premium Resellers and other fine electronic and department stores. Contact us!


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