Angry Birds

    Specially formulated for touch screens

    Manufacturers caution against cleaning touch screens with alcohol, window cleaners, household cleaners, solvents, aerosol sprays or abrasives.

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    Red, Jay, Jim, Jake, Chuck and Stella are here to help you keep your devices look like new and always bacteria-free! Enjoy playing and stay healthy!

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    We love clean …

    Specially designed for touch screens, each box comes with 12 individually packaged biodegradable wipes that apply just the right amount of antibacterial formula to remove bacteria and viruses while wiping away dust, fingerprints and other residues.

    Why you should clean?

    …and shiny devices

    In addition to the 12 antibacterial wipes, each box contains a reusable microfibre cloth to whisk away any extra moisture and polishes the screen to a shine.

    Enjoy clear screens!

    Natural based

    NordicHug’s goal is to bring cleaning and disinfection into 21st century – instead of developing harsh chemicals, that are harmful for the user and the environment, our scientists are putting all of their effort into understanding nature and how it fights bacteria. Nordic Hug’s formula, which is alcohol free and safe for users and devices, was developed in Scandinavia and contains naturally antimicrobial compounds found in Arctic berries.

    Read more about the Arctic berries

    New Angry Birds Wipes have arrived! Available for immediate purchase from our online store and shipping all around the globe!