Arctic Berry Formula

Nordic Hug introduces Arctic Berry Formula

Specially developed for smartphones, tablets, computers, medical equipment and other sensitive electronics

The multiple-patents-pending formula, based on antimicrobial properties in
 the Arctic cloudberry, was developed in collaboration with the largest research institution in Scandinavia. Scientists from Helsinki and Turku came together to create the most advanced disinfection formula for sensitive screens and today it became the professional choice in healthcare, aerospace, schools and offices.

The innovation is a direct response to the overwhelming amount of potentially harmful bacteria found on mobile phones – 10 times the amount on a shoe sole – and the lack of a proper solution for cleaning them without damaging the screen. The major concern with existing cleaners is their use of alcohol or harsh chemicals to kill bacteria, contents that damage the sensitive equipment including the special oleophobic coating on the iPhone, iPad, and majority of Android devices. This decreases visibility and turns the touch screen into a fingerprint magnet.

Nordic Hug is supported by Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and The Foundation for Finnish Inventions. We are also proud to be the undisputed leader on professional market with full certifications in accordance with Boeing (D6-7127 & D6-17487) and Airbus (AIMS 09-00-002) as disinfectant. Our products are the most advanced and effective way to keep equipment and hard surfaces bacteria and dirt free.

The Facts

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    Natural Based

    Containing Arctic Cloudberry extracts

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    Laboratory tested to be very effective against E.Coli, S.Aureus, P.aeruginosa & Salmonella and is likely to kill HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis A/B and Influenza A viruses

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    Destroys bacteria and effortlessly removes dirt and finger prints, while being safe for the user and environment

  • Developed specifically for screens

    Meets strict manufacturer’s requirements, alcohol free, antistatic, non toxic and leaves no residue. Manufacturers caution against cleaning touch screens with alcohol, window cleaners, household cleaners, solvents, aerosol sprays or abrasives.

  • Certifications in accordance with Boeing and Airbus specifications

    Certifications: Boeing D6-17487 , Boeing D6-7127 and Airbus AIMS 09-00-002