Professional grade disinfectant

First of its kind disinfectant for smartphones, tablets and sensitive medical equipment


Multiple-patents-pending formula is alcohol free, non toxic and meets strict manufacturers requirements



Laboratory tested to be very effective against E.Coli, S.Aureus, P.aeruginosa & Salmonella and is likely to kill HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis A/B and Influenza A viruses

Changes in education influence the 21st century classroom

The unintended hygiene consequences

Interactive education via touch screens and replacement of books with tablet computers in kindergartens and schools becomes more and more common all around the world.

While there is tremendous development and benefits for the education system, there are unintended hygiene consequences of new technology that we havenā€™t seen before. This is a risk factor especially for children as their immunity system is weaker compared with adults. Also, in the kindergarten and school environment the infections can spread very fast affecting a great number of children.

Nordic Hug provides customized cleaning and disinfection solutions for technology equipment in order to maintain the required hygiene level in kindergartens and schools.

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Specialised products for aerospace

Cost effective solution for in line and base maintenanceĀ 

Used in schools and universities for regular cleaning and disinfection of tablets and computers

Single use wet wipes

Used to clean and disinfect any type of devices, instruments and hard surfaces.

Premium materials and clean room manufacturing. Made in Finland.

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