Professional grade disinfectant

First of its kind disinfectant for smartphones, tablets and sensitive medical equipment


Highly effective against bacteria and viruses

Laboratory tested to be very effective against E.Coli, S.Aureus, P.aeruginosa & Salmonella and is likely to kill HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis A/B and Influenza A viruses

Safe for the user and devices

Multiple-patents-pending formula is alcohol free, non toxic and meets strict manufacturers requirements

Reduce the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses in hospitals using Nordic Hug disinfection products

Various researches have been conducted all around the world regarding the increase infection risks associated with the use of mobile phones and touch screen equipment in hospitals. The associated infection risks in hospitals are increasing with the introduction of the touch screen equipment and the frequent use of smartphones. The risks are posed not only for the doctors themselves but also for the patients and visitors. For example, in some hospitals more than 80% of doctors and patients’ mobile phones were infested by bacteria resistant to antibiotics. While the doctors do see the risks and advice the users to disinfect their touch-screen devices, the electronics manufacturers explain that the current disinfection solutions such as those based on high concentrations of alcohol damage the devices.

Safe for the special coating on tablets, smartphones and sensitive medical equipment with screens

Alcohol and other harsh chemicals destroy devices and their screens. Nordic Hug’s alcohol free formula is developed in accordance with strict manufacturer’s requirements and safe for the devices. Manufacturers caution against cleaning touch screens or other sensitive equipment with alcohol, window cleaners, household cleaners, solvents, aerosol sprays or abrasives. Specifically developed for healthcare sector requirements, NordicHug formula removes dirt, bacteria and viruses and leaves no residue.

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Specialised products for Healthcare sector

First of its kind Professional grade WET wipe dispenser. Most economical solution for public and private sector hospitals

Single use wet wipes – convenient 50 pack. Developed for the convenience of the healthcare professionals that need regular cleaning of touch screens and medical equipment in various locations

Cost effective solution hospital and laboratory use. Used by healthcare professionals for regular cleaning and disinfection of tablet computers, smartphones, sensors and medical equipment

Single use wet wipes. Used by professionals for general cleaning and disinfection of touch screens, sensor, medical equipment or any hard surfaces.

Suitable for all surfaces – developed for touch screens, but works equally well on any interior hard surface.

Premium materials and clean room manufacturing. Made in Finland. No transport restrictions. Economical and hygienic single use disinfectant wipes in bulk packaging.

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