How to clean my tablet and keep it germ free without damaging it?


At last! A remarkable breakthrough for keeping your touch screen crystal clean and germ free: Nordic Hug Wipes

Nordic Hug Wipes is an effective solution against fingerprints and germs on your smartphone and tablet

Nordic Hug Wipes were designed by people who know everything there is to know about touch screens and technology hygiene, so that you wouldn’t have to. We probably spent more time developing this formula specifically for touch screens than all other teams combined. We even assembled an advisory board of four passionate PhD level professionals in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Colloid and Surface chemistry to develop Arctic Berry Formula.

There is a lot of innovation in each single element of the wipes, starting from packaging that you wouldn’t want to hide in a drawer and ending with a multiple-patents-pending formula. And in between there is a great choice of materials for the wipe:  soft, high quality and simply the best we could select around the globe. There was not a single short cut taken during the development of Nordic Hug Wipes, so that you can have perfectly clean and germ free tablet and smartphone every single time.

We strictly follow manufacturers specifications and do not use anything that damage special oleophobic coating on your touch screen. There is also nothing that could be even potentially dangerous for you or your skin in the formula. Arctic Berry Formula is very effective against bacteria, but very gentle to you and your skin. And we took even one level further – there is nothing extra in the formula:  no fragrance and no colorising elements – because beauty is in simplicity and pureness.

Why you’ll love Nordic Hug Wipes?

There are so many reasons why you’ll love it! First, because of the perfect result: within seconds gives a fresh look to your devices while keeping them bacteria-free. Secondly, the Arctic Berry formula is environmentally friendly, natural based and safe for both you and your screens.

Formulated for Touch Screens

Manufacturers caution against cleaning touch screens with alcohol, window cleaners, household cleaners, solvents, aerosol sprays or abrasives. With Nordic Hug formula you don’t have to make compromises: now you can keep clean your devices without damaging the screens.

Clean, Disinfect, Polish

Specially designed for touch screens, each box comes with 12 individually packaged biodegradable wipes that apply just the right amount of antibacterial formula to remove bacteria and viruses while wiping away dust, fingerprints and other residues. In addition, each box contains a reusable microfibre cloth to whisk away any extra moisture and polishes the screen to a shine. Enjoy clear screens!

Why you should clean?

Natural Based

NordicHug’s goal is to bring cleaning and disinfection into 21st century – instead of developing harsh chemicals, that are harmful for the user and the environment, our scientists are putting all of their effort into understanding nature and how it fights bacteria. Nordic Hug’s formula, which is alcohol free and safe for users and devices, was developed in Scandinavia and contains naturally antimicrobial compounds found in Arctic berries.

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Alcohol - Free

Your touch screens have special coating which is not resistant to alcohol

Liquid heavy metals - Free

Silver, copper or other heavy metals are considered dangerous in liquid form as they never leave human body once their are in contact

Paraben - Free

Paraben is widely considered cancerogenic and thus not safe when in contact with your skin

PHMB and PHMG - Free

Studies show that it can be cancerogenic when in contact with your skin