We are talking Touch Screens.

Forget PC Cleaners.

It's not the virtual viruses you should be worried about.

Bacteria and other infectious agents on your touch screen can cause dangerous diseases.

Keep that feeling every day!

Remember when you first unpacked your phone or tablet?

Tablet, Smartphone and sensitive electronics professional grade disinfectants

Professional and fully certified solutions for cleaning and disinfection of  touch screens and electronic devices with screens

Multiple-patents-pending natural based formula developed specifically for screens

  • Certifications in accordance with Airbus and Boeing specifications

    Boeing D6-7127 (category:  Disinfectants)

    Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 (category:  Fluids [Disinfectants])

    Boeing D6-17487 (category:  Exterior & General Cleaners)

  • Strong and effective against dangerous bacteria

    Bacteria inhibition %:

    Escherichia coli – 99.99967%
    Staphylococcus aureus – 99.99325%
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa – 99.99868%
    Salmonella – 99.99795%

  • Safe for the user and devices

    Components of the formula are well documented and considered as safe to be used in hygienic and institutional products

Discover the thrill

of having your device looking like new every single day. Crystal clear touch screen, polished metal back and absolutely bacteria and viruses free

Why you should clean?

The innovation is a direct response to the overwhelming amount of potentially harmful bacteria found on smartphones and tablets – 10 times the amount on a toilet seat – and the lack of a proper solution for cleaning them without damaging the screen.

Who are you sharing your phone with?

These images of the bacteriological growth were found on mobile phone imprints by scientists at the University of Surrey in the UK.  These British researchers found 18 times more bacteria on mobile phones than on the flush handle in a men’s restroom!

Consumer sector solutions

About Us

Nordic Hug is the only technology hygiene company with a professional product portfolio to keep touch screens crystal clean and germ free. With this array of products and support from professional sector, Nordic Hug is armed to provide consumers the confidence of the best choice for their touch screen gadgets. Nordic Hug touch screen cleaning products are used by more professionals than any other brand in Scandinavia and Russia.

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